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hanging on


abundant harvest

it’s hard to select this month’s entry for Gardening Gone Wild’s photo contest.

at first, i thought well, this was a certainly an abundant pull from the garden:


but while i like the image a bit, it seemed a little cutesy and maybe too obvious for the photo contest. so i turned my eye towards something that had more mood, and a more interesting composition:


okay, i really like this simple shot, but abundant? well, maybe not — three delicatas would hardly make a bowl of soup. and on a good day, i could probably eat them all, myself, in one sitting. no, not abundant. then i remembered this shot i took of my onions drying on the covered porch:


hmmm. almost there.


okay, that’s the one. these onions feel like little characters in a play to me. yup, this one.



my entry for the “on your knees” august photo contest at Gardening Gone Wild: Alchemilla mollis

the groundhogs have been killing me again this year. despite my trapping, fencing, etc., the little fu#$%ckers still manage to get in and eat, brake or otherwise destroy nearly everything in my garden. so far, they’ve ruined my squash, beans, cukes, kale, carrots … the list goes on.




pink dogwood, going off